Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicken Panini Salad Rolls

I like bread as much as I like rice.  I like bread in different size and shape, white or wholemeal, sourdough or rye, fresh or toast....  Somehow I like panini the best because it is soft, the triangular shape is so different and I'm attracted to its white flouring surface.  Our local bakery used to sell it for everyone but it only cater for the cafes now.  When I was shopping in the nearby town the other day and found it from the delicatessen, I would not miss my chance and grabbed a packet home straight away.  The end result was making me very happy indeed.  This is a low sodium version, you can add a piece of fried bacon to make it a fuller meal if you wish.

Chicken Panini Salad Rolls
Make 2

2 panini rolls
2 pieces of boneless Chicken thigh
2 pieces of 100% cheddar cheese
green leaf of lettuce & spinach
grated carrot
sliced tomato
sliced onion
sliced mushroom
thai sweet chilli sauce
garlic, paprika and pepper for seasoning


  1. Slice the bread into two layers.  Butter the bottom halves.  Place the cut sides up and place cheddar cheese over the top halves. Place the bread on the baking tray and grill in the oven on high till the cheese is melted and the side of bread crisp.  This process does not take long so don't leave it unattended.
  2. Marinate the chicken with garlic, paprika and pepper for 10-15 minutes.  Pan fry chicken fillets in a non-stick pan until cooked.  Meanwhile, cook onion and mushroom as well.
  3. To assemble the roll: place tomato at the base of the bread, then carrot, green leaf, onion and mushroom.  Place chicken over the top of the salad and drizzle some sweet chilli sauce over the chicken.  Finally, place the top halves with melted cheese on top of the bread.  


  1. I burnt my panini.. and the smoke alarm went off :(

  2. Oh no! Have you got more bread to replace the burn one? I once had the smoke alarm went off when I was sterilising baby bottles and I'd to replace them all.