About me

It has been 5 years since I start this blog. It all started from playing cooking game from the internet that create the thought of sharing my cooking experience with liked mind people. This blog consists of some traditional Chinese food which comes from my root and some western style dishes that I enjoy with my family. After surviving from cancer twice within 3 years, I now seek for healthier recipes with wholesome ingredients, with lots of whole grains, seasoned fruit and vegetables. The cancer experience has taught me that simple recipe with basic ingredients are the best for our body and soul.

At home, I am just an ordinary mum that take the kids to school, pack their lunch and make sure they are healthy and happy. My husband and I both come from families that love food and we even make our living from cooking food.  We could associate food to many childhood memories.  There is always a story behind the food that reminds me of a special person or a particular event and it always help me to recollect the lost memory.  I believe food can bring people together and I am very please to meet you.

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