Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Success of the Fundraising for Breast Cancer

I couldn't hold my tears when the principle at school announced at the assembly that we had raised over $1000 in only ten days for the Pink Luncheon to raise fund for breast cancer.  It was my first time organising fund raising for charity and I was overwhelmed with the supported from the school, customers from the restaurant, local businesses and the girls from the netball club.  On the day of the luncheon, we had only about $600 raised (which had already hit our target of $500) then 31 people turned up and they generously purchased multi-draw raffles tickets and buying merchandises from the Pink Box.  My cupcakes was a hit as well.  Everyone had a wonderful time and a nice meal was served by my chef husband.  The guests wrote little supporting messages for their family and friends that had suffered from cancer and we put those messages onto our wall to memorise them.  They also signed for the painting which was painted by the close friend of my other organiser who had recovered from breast cancer.  It's a pleasure to see the guests winning the prizes from the raffles and enjoy a great time together for a good cause.  For $1200 raised, it can help to fund 3 days of research into a rare type of breast cancer and that's a small step closer to the cure!  After a month of organising the event, my husband and I went to bed feeling so happy and good for what we had achieved.  I am looking forward to get involve with the biggest morning tea and relay for life next year and hopefully we can help other people suffering from cancer and keep fighting for them!

In order to say thank you to one of the group of ladies coming to the luncheon, I baked this choc chip cookies for them.  It's my daughter's famous recipe that she baked it for charity and gift for our family most of the time.  My husband and my son both have the same expression when they eat the cookies, it's mmmmmm like a heaven to them.  Because it's her special recipe, I have to keep it as a secret!


  1. Oh how wonderful. Over 1000 is awesome! Such a great cause to get involved with and get your kids to be apart of as well! I just loved your cupcakes you did.