Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thai Style King Crab Salad

One year we went to Japan, our tour guide helped us to order some snow crab from Hokkaido express down to Tokyo.  We had watched many travel shows talking about how tasty the crab was so we didn't want to miss the chance while we were in Japan.  The crab was cooked and came with a pair of scissor to help cutting the shell.  It was one of the unforgettable moment we had in our trip.

I'd seen live Australian king crab in some Asian restaurants or in the aquarium but I'd never tasted it.  
The first time I saw it selling at Coles, I was wondering it would taste as good as the snow crab as both of them live in the cold region.  This crab salad hadn't disappointed us, the meat was not as strong as the mud crab but had more flavour than sand crab, it's flaky and sweet.  I like to serve mud crab as a hot dish and king crab is better to serve cold.

The importance of cooking Thai food is to balance the sweet and sour flavour, I do not have an exact measurement for this recipe as it's all up to your taste buds to tell you what to put in.

Thai Style King Crab Salad

King Crab claws (cooked)
salt & pepper
fish sauce

Remove crab meat from the shell.  Finely cut cucumber and onion, marinate with salt, then rinse and drain.  Squeeze out juice and add to the crab meat.  Add the chopped up the coriander, mint and chilli, seasoned with fish sauce, pepper, lime juice and sugar.  Serve cold.



  1. This looks really good, Veron. The thought of getting the shoft fragile meat out of the shell is a horror for me. I'd rather let someone do it and I eat it.. kakakka

  2. I love crab and it goes perfectly with this salad and the flavors of thai! Love this

  3. The salad sounds right up my alley, dear Veronica. I appreciate that you prefer different crabs for different dishes. Shall I assume that you are using raw crab meat in this dish? This looks awesome!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Purabi. This dish actually use cooked crab claw's meat.

  5. Your Thai crab salad looks decadent yet refreshing! I love crab and can't wait to make this. I traveled to Japan many years ago and one regret was that we didn't go to the snow crab place! I can't wait to go back and try them! :)

  6. It looks really refreshing - great for summery weather! And nice and healthy too.