Thursday, October 2, 2014

Magic Cake

My dear friend, after finishing my lists of health check, it's great to get good news from my doctors. As I am under health surveillance, I am good for another couples of months till the next test. So, let do some celebration!

I find this recipe from Zoe of Bake for happy kids. Originally this cake is introduced by my cousin-in-law who also introduce me to the Flourless chocolate cake with red kidney beans.  I have been following Zoe for a long time and have found several good recipes from her. This cake is called magic cake as you don't need to do much and the cake would produce three layers: a base layer that tastes like Chinese steam cake, a middle with custard filling and the top with a soft velvety sponge. This cake is best to serve within 1 or 2 days as the top sponge would lose its freshness and the bottom base becomes hard by keeping in the fridge. I would recommend to serve on the day at room temperature.

Please check out Zoe's recipe here. The only alternation I did in the recipe was to bake in a rectangle lamington pan. Then I uses a scone cutter to cut the cake out from the pan. Dust it with some icing sugar and decorate with white chocolate butterflies that dusted with fairy dusts and strawberries. 

Enjoy the magic!


  1. One batter, two cakes..this is truly a magic recipe.

  2. would love to enjoy a piece of this magic right now! It looks delicious

  3. Veronica, a Magic Cake it truly is! I remember Zoe's recipe from a few months ago. You certainly turned it into 'magic' by cutting it into a smaller version and adding the white chocolate butterflies....'fairy dust' is ....a 'must'!
    Would love to make this for my little delicious and beautiful! xo

  4. Congrats on yr good health Veron. This sure calls for celebration and my good wishes to more good health for you! Yr cake looks Devine n so very soft. Wish I can taste it ��

  5. Hi Veronica,

    Nice to know that you are enjoying this magic cake. Yours is so pretty with strawberries and butterflies chocolate.

    We like this cake too but interestingly, we prefer eating it when it is chilled. The custard layer will be so smooth and milky :D


  6. Hi Zoe, it's funny how the same recipe would turnout differently by cooking with different person. This is a nice recipe and glad that both of our family enjoys it!