Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Post: Bombe Alaska for the 100th post and Awards Giveaway

Throughout the journey of blogging, I am so please to learn so much from other people and also sharing some of my cooking that is loved by my family or new experience to my kitchen.  There are too many people to thanks for to show my appreciation, I am giving the awards to those that truly deserved the encouragement.

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Now back to the cooking, my daughter has been writing an assignment on Bombe Alaska for her journalist schoolwork.  I made this for her birthday this year and we re-made it again for her assignment.  I'm inviting her to be my first guest post and hope you enjoy her article.

Bombe Alaska

The Bombe Alaska, also known as omelette a la norvégienne (Norwegian Omelette), is an ice-cream encased in meringue dessert.  It was original in France in the mid 19th century when a Chinese delegation was visiting Paris.  The Master-cook of the Chinese mission was staying at the Grand Hotel in 1866, and the French chef at the hotel, learned how to bake ice-cream in a pastry crust in the oven from the Chinese cook.  By putting the Bombe Alaska into the oven to cook the meringue, the egg whites mixture and the sponge act liked an insulator, preventing the ice-cream from melting in the oven, yet the heat cooks the meringue, leaving a lovely brown colour and soft, marshmallow texture of coating.  This recipe uses the blowtourch to cook the meringue resulting a quick and even browning of the meringue.  It serves 2-4 people.

250g frozen raspberry
1/3 cup caster sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
sponge cake
vanilla ice-cream

For the meringue:
130g caster sugar
1 tsp glucose syrup
4 tbsp water
2 egg whites

2 x 400ml ramekins
rum or whisky for making the flame

  1. Blend the raspberries with sugar in a "pulse" action in a blender until it is coarsely blended.  Add in some lemon juice.
  2. Line the ramekins with glad wrap that is large enough to cover the top of the mould.
  3. Cut sponge into rounds and small rectangles that fit the base and sides of the mould about 1.5cm thick.  Lay the base first and then the sides with the sponge overlapping a bit making sure there is no gap in between.
  4. Fill 1/2 of the mould with raspberry puree and 1/2 with ice-cream.
  5. Put the round piece of cake on tip to seal the ice-cream cake and cover it with glad wrap.  Repeat this process to make one more ice-cream cake.
  6. Place them into the freezer for at least 1 hour.
  7. For the meringue:  Using an electric mixer, whisk egg white until soft peaks form.  While it is beating, place 130g sugar, glucose and 4 tablespoons of water in a small saucepan.  Stir over low heat until sugar dissolves, then boil without stirring until syrup reach 120c on a thermometer.  It should be a thick runny syrup, if it is too hard add more water and vice versa.
  8. With the motor running, slowly pour in sugar syrup down through the side and beat until meringue becomes stiff and shinny.
  9. Lift the frozen ice-cream cake out of the mould onto a plate, upside down.  Discard the glad wrap.
  10. Coat meringue around the cake, and use a blowtourch to go around the cake until the meringue turned lightly brown.  Repeat this process for the other.
  11. Pour a little rum or whisky around the side and light it with matches.  Serve immediately.


  1. Oh your bombe looks amazing and how sweet of you to mention me in your post. I feel honored and love spending time here on your blog! You deserved those awards so Congrats girl!

  2. I can imagine explosion of the taste in your mouth when you eat Bombe Alaska;)Greetings from across Pacifik:)

  3. Wow.. That was a sweet bomb... Lovely recipe ...
    Congrats on your 1st mile stone n awards n Thanx for passing it to me..
    Keep rocking n happy blogging !!

  4. You have come a long way my friend. 100 posts is noteworthy and a very special milestone. I love your Bombe Alaska. Although I dont visit your site as often as I would like, when I do, it is fantastic! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful recipes.

  5. Congrats on your award!

    Thank you so much for thinking about me. I'm happy and honored. Thanks!

  6. Congrats on your awards and on successfully completing the 100th post! Thanks for passing on the award to thoughtful of you!

  7. Oh wow!! I don't know what to speak of first ... to thank you for the awards or to comment on this gorgeous dessert! I think the dessert deserves the honor altho I'm tickled pink by the 2 awards :D I never knew the history of the bombe alaska and that it had a Chinese connection to it. Very interesting indeed. Congratulations to your daughter for a very well done guest post ... she deserves an award! I had this a long time ago and have been amazed at how it's presented etc, and now I'm amazed all over again!
    Thank you so very much for, not one, but 2 awards!! Awww ... you're sweet. I am honored. And you so very deserve all of them yourself.
    You really should make a trip here during the fasting month to savor some true Malaysian Malay goodies ... the varieties! I gained a couple of pounds from that. :P

  8. Congrats on the wonderful milestone. 100 is a big number given the fact that each post is a result of hard work.

    Thanks for thinking about me and passing the award. I am honored.

    Event: Herbs and Flowers - Garlic

  9. Veronica, thanks for passing the award to me.
    Love alaska bomb!

  10. WOW! Thanks so much for the lovely award! Always adore your blog :) Have a great weekend!

  11. Veronica, Congrats on your lovely awards and thank you kindly for sharing them with me - honored dear :) hugs, priya

  12. Thanxs Veronica!!

    For considering me for the award.I am seriously honored!.

    Keep rocking!!