Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spring Salad

We all look for a fresh start for Spring, I make this salad using snow pea sprouts, pepitas, violet flowers and mandarin which is light and crispy to have for the warmer weather.

I have recently join the gym and starting a training program.  First my trainer measures all my "FAT" everywhere in my body and then he asks if I used to have nice legs.  Huh!  Honestly I'm not looking for losing weight, I wouldn't mind losing 2 kg and tone up a bit.  What I really want is to improve my overall fitness after a year long battling with illness.  Then he shows me the food chart of what I should be eating such as low GI, low fat, low sugar, plenty of greens and protein etc. I think he will be shocked reading my blog with all these cake and dessert recipes!  So from now on, I'm working on fitness food as I don't want to waste the effort on the workout.  I should co-operate with him and see if he can bring me back my "nice legs" and get rip of my muffin top.  Hahaha!

At the moment, I go to the gym 3 days a week for the work-out.  Once a week I go the yoga/pilates class which I enjoy a lot.  You get to stretch the muscle and joins that you don't use much.  My trainer doesn't allow me to go to other classes such as Zumba until I'm fitter.  On my free day, I may do extra walking or just have a rest.  My figure may not have changed much yet but I'm already feeling good for myself.  I keep asking myself: Why didn't I do that earlier?

I'm going to work on salad in September.  The best food to have after workout is to have a salad and plenty of water!

One of my friend from Hong Kong mentions that it will be easier for her if my blog is written in Chinese.  Instead of having a new blog, I'm going to add Chinese to the recipes starting from blog number 1, which is Apple & Cinnamon Muffins.  Hopefully this will attract more Chinese readers that are interested in western cooking.  Because I haven't written Chinese for so long, please excuse my slow progress.

Spring Salad

red cabbage (sliced)
onion (sliced)
snow pea sprouts
mandarin (skin and seed removed)
violets flower

Apple Cider Vinegar
2-3 Tbs low-fat mayonnaise
1 Tbs tomato sauce
1 Tbs low-fat Dijonnaise

Toss the lettuce, cabbage and onion in a bowl, add the sprouts and drizzle with some vinegar.  Mix the mayanise, tomato sauce and Dijon mayanisie and drizzle over the top.  Arrange the mandarin, flowers and sprinkle some pepitas over the top.       


  1. Lovely relishing salad.. Good way that you joined gym to lose weight!

  2. I love salads.
    This looks so colourful, light and pleasant!

  3. Yeah the spring is coming.I already started sowing some things in my garden:)Greta to celbrate with fresh colourful salad liek thsi;)

  4. My goodness!This is a feast both for the eyes and for the palate!!!So refreshingly different!