Monday, January 30, 2012

Double Deck Rounds

I made this rounds after Christmas last year by using the left-over from the Christmas feast.  My son doesn't like wholemeal bread but I can fool him with these rounds.  They are very simple and fast to put together which is great for entertainment without too much of a fuss.  I use tinned tuna and cheese for the fillings but there is no limits to your imagination with what you can put in!

Double Deck Rounds

wholemeal bread
tinned tuna
shallot, finely chopped
coconut and apricot cheese
tomato, cut in small wedges
Balsamic glaze, for plating


  1. Place the bread into the toaster.  Use cookie mound to cut the bread into rounds.  Lightly butter the  rounds.
  2. Add a little mayonnaise to the tuna and mix well.  Top it over a piece of round and then put another layer of round over it, then add more tuna over and garnish with some shallot.
  3. Put a piece of cheese on the rounds and topped another piece of round. Topped with a wedge of tomato.
  4. Squeeze some balsamic glaze over the plate in a desirable pattern, then arrange the rounds onto the plate.



  1. Like your son, I'm impressed too! All the ingredients look glam on your plate when you assembled all of them together!

  2. Very clever of your presentation and they look like sushi!

  3. This is my favorite..YUMMY