Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden Show

We go to the Garden Show nearly every year as it is held during school holiday and July is good time to buy plants to plant for spring.  There are plants for tropical and native garden, sweet cottage garden, fruit trees, vegetables seedlings, fertilisers and other garden and outdoor entertainment related products such as pots, BBQ, pets and gourmet name it.  We went at midday and the carpark at the showground was already full so we had a long walk to get to the show.  I didn't want to buy anything too heavy even the gooseberry tree was only $15.  I had some Christmas ornaments, two small pot plants and a bottle of jelly.  My kids also bought something special for themselves and they just love the handmade ice-cream.  They thought the kids rides were too kiddy for them so we head home early for an afternoon tea and finished the video of Eat, Pray & Love played by Julie Roberts.  Haven't seen a good movie for a long time, truly enjoy it!


  1. Truly LOVELY pictures!! thanks for sharing! And may I request you to please follow back - would love that hugely :) cheers, priya

  2. YOur space is wonderful! I am following you for more lovely posts and would like to also invite you to me blog if time permits!! :)

  3. What a beutiful garden show! Loved those icecreams and display of fruits!!