Saturday, July 16, 2011

Juicing with Purple Carrot

It's great to have my daring girl back from her school camp, the house is so quiet without her.  She slept 5 hours straight after she came home.  Her gift to me from the trip was loads and loads of washing!  Hahaha...

I would make some fresh juice at least once a week during winter to help boosting our immunity.  My favourite choice includes apple, orange, pear, lettuce, carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato and capsicum.  I  usually put in 4-5 varieties with half and half portions of fruit and vegetable.  I also throw in some parsley or wheatgrass if they come in handy.  I find this Dutch carrot at the supermarket and it makes a really nice colour and taste good in juicing.  In an actual fact, carrot is originally purple and it is changed to orange colour by Dutch about 300 years old.  Whether it's purple or orange, carrot is a good for our health.

I am joining the Guardian Angel Knitting Program for the first time.  Over the past 12 years, more than 2 million knitted garments have been donated to families in needs.  This year the program is supported by Variety, the children's charity to give warmth to the children in need not only in Australia but Christchurch in New Zealand where children are affected by the earthquake.  I am planning to make 2-3 garments by 31 August, that's about 6 weeks left.  My sister joins the program every year and she is so good at knitting.  For more information, visit their website Guardian Angel Knitting Program 

 My marble cake topped with profiteroles is listed in Petitchef's daily menu.  Yay!

Purple Carrot Juice
(make 2 glasses)

2 small purple carrots
2 small carrots
2 stalks of celery
2 apples
2 pears
1/2 green capsicum
handful of baby spinach leaves

Cut the fruit and vegetables into small pieces and put into the juicer.  Enjoy!


  1. Power packed drink, looks very inviting.

  2. beautiful looking and healthy ...very new recipe...

  3. You are a beautiful person by heart. How many of us think of doing something for those poor kids? And you'll be putting into so much love in their gifts being knitted by you! I really appreciate this.

    Interesting info on carrots. You are really doing great to add the wheatgrass to the juice you make in winters! The juice shown here looks great, Veronica.

  4. Super Healthy drink! I need this for a great kick start of the week! Thanks for sharing.

  5. @purabi naha, Being a parent, I don't want to see other kids feel hunger and cold. I'm just doing my bit to help them. Thanks for your kind comment.

  6. Hi! I'm first time here u have lovely space and this juice is very healthy thanks for sharing this.

  7. so weird- my husband was talking about juicing over the weekend. I said yeah maybe but I wouldn't know what to do and now look here you are with a fantastic and delicious juicing recipe! Thanks girl- you always have the best dishes!

  8. veronica:
    I didn't know there is purple carrot! Thanks for sharing the history of carrots, really new to me.
    Good luck on your knitting program too!

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