Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Fruit - Sugar Plum and Paradise Pear

Every time when I take my kids to the supermarket, our trolley usually end up more than I would have expected.  They would put in stuffs that their friends have for lunch at school and the temptation from the isle full of chips and lollies are just too much.  But this time they have put in some quite interesting things into my trolley, little fruit.  They are amazed with the shape and size of the little fruit and could not wait to pack it for lunch for school.  The taste of the Sugar Plum is sweet but the skin is not too tough or sour, and the taste of Paradise Pear is like apple which is crispy and fresh.  There is no better snack than fruit and I am happy that they choose to have it.  There is no need to cook, simply wash it and enjoy the natural taste.    

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