Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eating the way to be environmental friendly and I have reached 50 posts

The TV was on and I got capture by the talk show talking about vegan diet and a trendy fast food outlet using meats from outdoor raised farm animal in America.  In the show, a professor commented that it would be possible to have outdoor raised farm animal to supply human consumption if we consume less but better quality of meat.  I have heard of hens have been kept in the barn listening to Mozart's music to help them lay tasty egg, and farmers gives the pigs massage for tender meat in Japan.   It had discussed in Australia that consuming less red meat would help the o-zone layer as cows and lambs generate gas.  I could never be a strict vegetarian but I would be happy to know that the animals come from my dinner have been treated nicely with good health and I only consume sufficient amount for my wellbeing.  Isn't chicken used to be kept in the barn and run freely in the old days?  Isn't grass the natural food that cow eats?

One day, I was discussing with the kids about what sort of life their generation would be.  In my last generation, my grandparents could only provide simple life for my parents with sufficient amount of food to eat.  In my generation, my parents provide me with not only enough food but good quality of education.  However, we also create a lot of problems with the mass production and industrialisation.  Our health and natural environment have been threatened.  So in their new generation, it is not going to be more fancy product, people should go back to the basis and think "green".  It is great to see the supermarket stocking more organic, free range and hormone free products.  Some of the prices are quite competitive that does not only providing us with more choices but with better quality of food.  (or we are going back to the basis where food should be)

I have started a little vegetable patch growing vegetables and herbs.  I could never dream of growing my veggies as I was growing up from the city.  Thanks to the rain and warm weather, the seeds sprout quickly and it is such a reward looking them grow from little green shoots, to bigger leaves, then having flower and fruit.  I would like to praise for the food that I have are wholesome and kind.  Thanks for the technology, I can drop down my journey of cooking and it has reached 50 posts already.       

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