Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chicken Wraps with Avocado and Salsa

There are many types of bread in the market that can be used for wraps.  Although I am not a shopper that is sensitive to things like perservatives, colouring or MSG, I would like to choose a product which is both natural, healthy and tasty.  If you read the labels of the wraps, many of them contains perservatives and soy.  I would not choose that product for my kids, at least not all the time.  I don't quite understand why the manufacturer uses soy flour to make bread, isn't bread made from wheat flour?  Maybe it helps to improve the texture of the bread.  It would be different if the bread is specified for people with a sensitive diet such as gluten free.  For ordinary people like me, I would have consumed a lot of soy from hidden product such as bread and cracker plus the normal amount I am taking from soy milk, tofu and soy sauce.  I am not sure if taking too much soy would be bad for you but I would like to choose bread that are made without soy.  Vitastic's Sorj Wraps is the brand I recommend as it does not have perservatives and soy.  It is thin and it does not crack when you roll it up.  However, it does mould quickly, keep in the fridge and toast the left over bread for dip.

Chicken Wraps with Avocado and Salsa
(serve 2)

2 sheets of Vitastic White Sorj Wraps
3/4 cup chicken pieces
baby cobbs lettuce
1/2 avocado
Salsa sauce (store brought)
shredded cheddar cheese


  1. Heat oil in pan and cook chicken until cook.
  2. Lay the wrap onto the chopping board.  Place the lettuce onto the wrap, followed by avocado, chicken, cheese and salsa sauce.  Roll the wrap and cut it into half and serve it with green salad.

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